nally admit that you are Qingcheng school Forty four Fortunately, said Brother, this is not what I said. A two stunned, then said I said, what You can do this alone Wang Xiaojun said Do you dare to say i.t again Ah two impatient said less nonsense, you have to be able to come up with a bet I play with you, if not give me get out of Sichuan Wang Xiaojun also too lazy to care for him, is preparing to force hands, PMI Certification hears someone loudly bet we have From another side of the repair shop whirring out more than a dozen individuals, led by more than 40 year old man Aged, wearing a greasy tooling, Wang Xiaojun wonder You are The man said My name is Wang, is the edge of the repair shop owner. Wang Xiaojun said The original is the king brother, what do you have Wang said We have seen just now, you want to bet PMP with his brother, bet we give you out The people around him are also near the repair shop or other small business owner. Wang Xiaojun Qi said Why do you help me Wang brother said brothers PMP it exam you do not know, Qingcheng people always domineering, the Chinese New Year holiday gifts do not say, usually have to honor their protection fee, simply black than the underworld, we are all bullied by their oppression Small business. Hu Taibai could not help but said You will not

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